Cool USB Toy

How About A Cool USB Toy For Your Computer?

The roles of a USB toy in the computer world are very important. A USB powered pet rock gives you affection. A USB powered Yoda protects your computer from invading, evil aliens. A USB powered Magic 8 Ball answers your questions. The list goes on and on. Take a look at all the fun USB Toys below and see if there are any you need. You never know until you look.

Here are some USB toys for you to consider. Whether you want a USB fish tank, a USB missile launcher or any of a dozen other things, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on USB toys that you’re going to find and there are tons of items to choose from.

If you like the Pet Rock USB Toy to the left,
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Pet Rock USB Toy

Magic 8 Ball USB Toy

Got a question? Just plug this baby into your USB port, tap on it and one of 20 answers will appear on your screen.

Fish Tank USB Toy

Yep, you can put a real fish in one of these. Just plug it into your computer and that keeps the water filtration system going.

Star Wars USB Toy

May the force be with you…

The lightsabers actually light up on these.

Plasma Ball USB Toy

Just touch your finger to it and watch as the light inside is drawn to you.

Missile Launcher USB Toy

Oh, imagine the mischief you could cause with these. If any of your coworkers gives you any trouble, just shoot him with a missile.

Lava Lamp USB Toy

Get groovy, man.

Humping Dog USB Toy

We all have urges, but come on! Bad dog!

Computer Friend USB Toy

Need someone to talk to while you’re working on your computer? These guys will talk back.

Fairy Lights USB Toy

A nice, soothing string of lights for your computer.

Christmas USB Toy

Spread a little holiday cheer by plugging one of these lighted Christmas decorations into your computer.

PowerTRC 3D LED Optical Illusion Christmas Tree Night Light Multi-colored USB PoweredLabara Christmas Decoration Usb Light Emitting the Snowman Usb Christmas Tree Light Emitting Multicolour Usb Christmas Snowman Luminous (Cap-red&white)USB Powered Miniature Christmas Tree w/Multicolor LEDs


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  1. Elena says:

    Star Wars USB toy is my favorite! And my 3 years old nephew…

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