Cutest Baby Pacifiers

Baby Pacifiers To Delight You And Your Child

Babies need pacifiers. We all know what happens if they don’t have one when they really need it. Of course a plain pacifier will do the trick, but why not get a cute one with a stuffed animal attached or one that says something fun on it? That’s more fun for you and what makes you smile, makes your baby smile too.

Here are some cute baby pacifiers for you to consider. Whether you want ones for boys or girls or just cute ones, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on baby pacifiers that you’re going to find and there are tons choose from.

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Stuffed Animal Baby Pacifiers

These adorable pacifiers give your baby two essentials in one: a pacifier (of course) and a stuffed animal to cuddle. The happy animals give your baby a friend to snuggle with that will make him or her feel safe and loved.

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Stuffed Animal Baby Pacifiers

Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy Pacifier – MonkeyWubbaNub GiraffeWubbaNub ElephantWubbaNub Tabby KittenWubbaNub ™ DRAGON Pacifier!Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy Pacifier Green Frog

Baby Pacifiers For Girls

If you’re got a little girl and you want her pacifier to reflect that, then any one of these would be perfect. They feature “girly” designs in shades of pink. You can get one with a flower or one that looks like it’s covered with glitter (even though it really isn’t since that wouldn’t be safe) or one that advertises the fact that she’s “Mommy’s Girl”. Or, of course, you could get one of each.

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Baby Pacifiers For Girls

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierPink/White Baby Footprints PacifierPacifierCute Red Ladybugs PacifierDaddy's Girl Pink Sparkle Baby Pacifier

Baby Pacifiers For Boys

These blue pacifiers feature cute designs especially made for little boys. They allow you to announce to the world that he’s your “Little Man” or your “Baby Boy”. Your choice. Also, if you have more than one baby, the “Big Brother” and “Little Brother” pacifiers could be really fun.

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Baby Pacifiers For Boys

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierPreppy Navy Blue Whale | Custom Baby PacifierddfDaddy's Boy PacifiersMama's Boy - Fun Quote Pacifier

Baby Pacifiers With Teeth

Don’t get too close. You might get bit. You should especially watch out for the one with the pointy teeth.

If you want to make people laugh (which will likely get your baby laughing too), these toothy pacifiers are wonderful.

Mustache Baby Pacifiers

How about a mustache for your baby? Do you prefer infants with curly mustaches or more the handle bar type? Do you like them fluffy or more neatly trimmed? You can choose the style.

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby Pacifier

Sports Baby Pacifiers

Are you a sports fanatic? Are you hoping your baby will grow up to be one too? You might as well get him or her started on sports early. You can choose between baseball, basketball or volleyball.

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby Pacifier

Personalized Baby Pacifiers

Maybe a pacifier with your baby’s first initial on it would be nice. It could come in handy if you have more than one baby and you want to keep straight whose pacifier is whose.

Of course, you can select whatever letter you need when you order these.

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Personalized Baby Pacifiers

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby Pacifier

Animal Baby Pacifiers

Of course little animals are always a lot of fun for babies. You can choose between birds (with mustaches no less) or pigs or horses or just a nice collection of puppy prints.

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby Pacifier

Funny Baby Pacifiers

If your baby could talk what would he or she want the world to know? Does everybody need to know just who mom’s favorite really is? Maybe the condition of the diaper is more important. Or maybe somebody just really needs to be called a dork.

See more funny baby pacifiers here:
Funny Baby Pacifiers

Baby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby PacifierBaby Pacifier

Lots More Cute Baby Pacifiers Right Here

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