Giant Microbes Plush

Giant Microbes Plushes ~ Adorable Stuffed Nastiness

The Giant Microbes Plushes are stuffed plush toys made to resemble various diseases, bacterium, insects, parasites, etc. that have been magnified. Of course, some artistic license has been taken in their design. The MRSA germ wears a cape. The sleeping disease has it’s little eyes closed. The flesh eating bacteria carries a knife and fork. And pneumonia has the most adorable brown eyes.

Take a look through the microbes below and see if you don’t start to see how cute even the nastiest bugs can be.

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MRSA Plush Toy

Parts Of The Body Giant Microbes

Here’s your anatomy lesson for the day: All the cells in your body have eyes. I’ll bet you didn’t know that. Take a look below for proof. Brain cells have eyes. Blood cells have eyes. Cells are soft, cuddly and cute too.

I just wish those fat cells were that cute when they congregate on my hips.

Brain Cell PlushBrain Cell Plush

Nerve CellNerve Cell

Skin Cell PlushSkin Cell Plush

White Blood CellWhite Blood Cell

Red Blood CellRed Blood Cell

Antibody PlushAntibody Plush

Fat Cell PlushFat Cell Plush

Bone CellBone Cell

Stem CellStem Cell

What You Need To Make More Giant Microbes Plushes

You know how this works. You just put these two together with a little wine and soft music. Dim the lights and close the curtains. Then you just let nature take its course. After a while (usually not very long in the world of viruses, bacteria and insects) you get a bunch of cute, cuddly, stuffed microbes.

Egg CellEgg Cell

Sperm CellSperm Cell

Insects Giant Microbes Plushes

Who knew bugs could be so adorable? Looking at these guys makes you want an ant for your kitchen and a bed bug to sleep with. A few dust mites would certainly be welcome if they looked like that. It would even be nice to have a few ticks around.

House FlyHouse Fly

Louse PlushLouse Plush

Black AntBlack Ant

Dust MiteDust Mite

Bed BugBed Bug

Tick PlushTick Plush

Great For Parents & Teachers

These plush microbes are wonderful teaching aids. They may not look exactly like the real thing, but they’re still great to get the kids interested in learning about the microscopic world. They can help the kids remember the names of the various microbes and learn what they do.

Random Symptoms Giant Microbes Plushes

Ever wonder what bad breath looks like? Now you know. It’s green and it’s kinda cute. Stomach aches and ear aches are pretty cute too.

Stomach AcheStomach Ache

Sore ThroatSore Throat


Bad BreathBad Breath

Ear AcheEar Ache

Pimple PlushPimple Plush

Diarrhea PlushDiarrhea Plush

Minor Ailments Giant Microbes Plushes

These guys are life’s annoying little problems. Hay fever looks like it’s about to sneeze. Chicken pox looks like a chicken and, of course, the measles have spots.

Hay FeverHay Fever



Flu PlushFlu Plush

Athlete's FootAthlete’s Foot

Common ColdCommon Cold


More Serious Ailments Giant Microbes Plushes

These guys are some major problems, but major problems were never cuter. Did you know that flesh eating bacteria carries a knife and fork? It’s true. Mad cow has cow spots and sleeping sickness has its little eyes closed.


Sleeping SicknessSleeping Sickness

Mad CowMad Cow

Polio PlushPolio Plush



Dengue FeverDengue Fever

MRSA PlushMRSA Plush


Flesh EatingFlesh Eating

Staph PlushStaph Plush

Fun To Get, Not So Fun To Have Ailments Giant Microbes Plushes

We all know how these things happen. Usually it’s best to avoid problems like this, but not when they’re cute and cuddly. Then they are definitely hard to avoid.



HIV PlushHIV Plush



Clap PlushClap Plush

Dog Ailments Giant Microbes Plushes

It’s not just people. Dogs get sick too.

Anybody find it a bit ironic that the mange is fuzzy? And, of course, the heart worm carries his heart on his collar.




Penicillin Giant Microbes Plush


Not all of the Giant Microbes Plushes are bad guys. Here’s the one good guy in the bunch.

If you decide to get this one and some of the others, be sure not to play with them together. Penicillin could knock out the others.

Just For Fun Giant Microbes Plushes

So bookworms aren’t a real thing. They’re still adorable.


Scum PlushScum Plush


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